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The questions below come from the following Bible passages, Ps. 16 – 18:42, Exodus 6:14 – 25:40

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Ps. 16—18:42

  1. According to Ps. 16:3, who should be our earthly heroes? The godly people in the land
  2. What truth about God must I acknowledge so that life’s events or circumstance will not “shake” me? Ps. 16:8, the Lord is always with me, right beside me (with me also means on my side, God is for me)
  3. Both Peter and Paul quoted Ps. 16:10, God “will not allow your godly one to rot in the grave”, and said the passage refers to whom? The Messiah, Jesus (Acts 2:25-28, 31 and 13:35-37)
  4. According to Ps. 17:6, why does David pray to the Lord? “Because I know you will answer.” Can we have that same certainty? If you knew for a fact that God would answer your prayer, how would it change your prayer life, or would it?
  5. According to Ps. 17:14, what is the only kind of reward or gain that concerns wicked people? Earthly (temporal and physical)
  6. What was David celebrating as he wrote Ps. 18 to the Lord? Victory over all his enemies
  7. Debbie Boone’s hit song “You Light Up My Life” was based on what two verses of Ps. 18? 18:28-29, “You light up my life, you give me strength to carry on.”
  8. Ps. 18 is found almost word for word in what chapter of the book of 2 Samuel? Chapter 22

Exodus 6:14—25:40

  1. Which two of the ten plagues that God released on the Egyptians were Pharaoh’s sorcerers able to imitate? 7:22, the first plague—water to blood, and 8:7, the second plague—frogs over all the land
  2. While still living in Egypt, God gave the Israelites instructions for an annual celebration of their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. What is this day of commemoration called? Ex. 12:27-28, Passover
  3. What did Hebrew families do that kept their children safe while God took the firstborn sons of the Egyptians in the tenth and final judgment? Ex. 12:21-23, applied the blood of a lamb or goat to the top and sides of their doorway
  4. Trusting in God’s promise of deliverance from Egypt, how were the people to dress as they ate the roasted lamb or goat? 12:11, traveling clothes and walking stick in hand (ready to go—salvation is not the end of the journey, just the beginning!)
  5. During the weeklong festival of Unleavened Bread, no yeast was to be used in the baking of bread. What did this symbolize? 13:6-7, God alone delivered Israel from bondage to Egypt (yeast came to symbolize sin or human effort)
  6. How were the Israelites able to plunder the Egyptians, taking much of the wealth of the land with them as they escaped? 12:35-36, God gave them favor, so when they asked for clothing and jewelry, the Egyptians gave it to them!
  7. According to Ex. 13:17, why did God lead Israel on a longer route through the desert instead of directly to Canaan? To avoid a fight with the Philistines before they were prepared for battle (so they wouldn’t get discouraged and return to Egypt)
  8. A theophany is a manifestation of God’s presence in physical form. How did God show His presence with the Israelites, guiding them in their journey to the Promised Land? 13:21-22, Pillar of cloud and fire
  9. What is thought to be the oldest recorded song in the world? Ex. 15, Song of Moses
  10. At a place called Marah, which means “bitter” because the water was bitter, what did Moses do (in obedience to God) to make the water drinkable? (Ex. 15:25) Threw a branch into the water
  11. How long did it take the Israelites to get from Egypt to the Mountain of God (Mt. Sinai or Horeb)? (Ex. 19:1) Two months
  12. At Mt. Sinai, God started providing bread and meat for the Israelites. What bread and what meat? Ex. 16:13-15, Quail in the evening; Manna in the morning
  13. What does the word “manna” mean? Ex. 16:15, What is it?
  14. God provided this miraculous food (called “angel food” elsewhere in the Bible) for 40 years. On what occasion did it stop appearing for the Israelites? (Josh. 5:10-12) First Passover in Canaan (ate of land)
  15. On which day of the week was manna not supplied, and how did the people eat on that day? Ex. 16:27-30, Sabbath, they were to gather twice as much on Friday, and it would keep instead of spoiling as usual
  16. What did Aaron and Hur do for Moses so that the Israelites defeated the Amalakites? Ex. 17:11-13, held up his arms (Amalekites were descendants of Esau)
  17. I was the priest of Midian, Moses’ father-in-law. Who am I? 18:1, Jethro (also called Reuel elsewhere)
  18. Moses father-in-law was Jethro (also called Reuel), the priest of Midian. What advice did Moses take from Jethro that not only solved a big problem for him, but also was applied to our American government system? Ex. 18:21-23, judges for smaller groups (1000, 100, 50, 10), so Moses only had harder cases
  19. Of the ten commandments, which is the only one with an expressed promise for keeping it? Ex. 20:12,   5th Command, “Honor father and mother, that you will live long in the land” (respect for authority key to social stability)
  20. God instructed that altars built to worship Him were to be simple altars made of earth. What kind of stone was permissible for use in the building of altars to worship the Lord? Ex. 20:25, Uncut stones only
  21. If a Hebrew bought a Hebrew slave, he had to free him after six years. But, if the slave loved his owners and wanted to continue serving them, what was he to do? Ex. 21:5-6, Master presented him before God and at the door of his home, pierced the servant’s ear with an awl. (This was the “doulos” or NT bond slave)
  22. In Ex. 23:19, we see for the first time a command (actually a saying), “You must not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.” What does this saying mean? Do not use for death what God intended for life
  23. How long was Moses on Mt. Sinai alone getting the instructions for the Tabernacle and the priests? 24:18, 40 days and nights
  24. Name three pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle. Ex. 25, Ark of the Covenant, Altar of Incense, Table for the Bread of the Presence, Gold Lampstand (Minorah), Bronze Altar, and Laver


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