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Iraq in the Bible

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Just in case you might think of Iraq as “only” an oil-rich nation, ruled by an evil dictator for 30 years, whether it has been supporting terrorists or may not be very important, here are a few important facts regarding the important history and roles that this nation has played down through history.Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names used in the Bible are Babylon, Land of Shinar, and Mesopotamia. The word Mesopotamia means between the two rivers, more exactly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The name Iraq, means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible.


The garden of Eden was in Iraq (Gen. 2:10-14).
Adam and Eve were created in Iraq (Gen. 2:7-8).
Satan made his first recorded appearance in Iraq (Gen. 3:1-6).
Mesopotamia which is now Iraq was the cradle of civilization!
Noah built the ark in Iraq.
Nimrod established Babylon (Gen. 10:8-9).
The Tower of Babel was in Iraq (Gen. 11:1-4).
Languages were imposed on mankind in Iraq (Gen. 11:5-11).
Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq (Gen. 11:31; Acts 7:2-4)
Isaac’s wife Rebekah is from Nahor which is in Iraq (Gen. 24:3-4, 10)
Jacob met Rachel in Iraq and spent 20 years there (Gen. 27:42-45, 31:38)
Jonah preached one of history’s great revivals in Nineveh – which is in Iraq (Jonah 3).
Assyria which is in Iraq conquered the ten tribes of Israel.
Amos preached and cried out in Iraq.
Babylon which is in Iraq destroyed Jerusalem (586 BC)
Daniel was in the lion’s den in Iraq.
The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq.
Jesus was in Iraq (preincarnate as the 4th person in the fiery furnace)
Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the “writing on the wall” in Iraq.
Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into Iraq
The events of the book of Esther took place in Iraq.
Ezekiel preached in Iraq.
The wise men were from Iraq.
Peter preached in Iraq.
The “Empire of Man” is called Babylon, a city in Iraq (Rev. 17-18).

No other nation, except Israel, has more history and prophecy associated it than Iraq.

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    kindly send me a study material to church of christ,p.o.Box 10117,Chingola,Zambia.

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